News-It's Happy Crowd Time!
It's Happy Crowd Time!




The Happy Crowd is honored to have their songs included as part of the music library for three new toys!  They are called the smart-e-bear, smart-e-dog, and smart-e-cat."  How cool is that??!!  Check out the info and links below, and be one of the first to own these cool new toys!

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The Happy Crowd got two awards in the Great American Song Contest, for "Happy Sox" and "Blink"!


The Happy Crowd has been nominated for "Happy Sox", "Say Something Nice About Someone", and "You Make A Difference", in the Children's Music category of the L.A. Music Awards!! It's a red carpet awards show for the music industry. We've decided to wear happy sox with our tuxedos when we attend the festivities in November!!

The Crowd was also given an honorable 20 award... for "Say Something Nice About Someone" in the Children's category of the 2007 Unisong International Songwriting Contest.....Yipee!!