The Happy Crowd - DVD-It's Happy Crowd Time!
It's Happy Crowd Time!


"The Happy Crowd at Adventure City"

It's a wonderful day for a musical adventure, and you and your kids are invited to join The Happy Crowd as they sing their way through a fun-filled day of laughter and imagination.

Featuring songs from the Award-Winning CD, Gettin' Happy, plus two brand-new concert favorites, this premiere dvd is hot-off the editing system and shipping now!!

Scenes_From_The_Video2_smalClick on this thumbnail to see a few shots from the DVD!!

Hai, Collie and Professor Smartie Martie whisk their young listeners away with delightful, award-winning original tunes that celebrate the joys of being a kid.

From the first "waking-up-stretches" in the morning - through the exhilarating fun of amusement park rides in the afternoon - to the quiet reflection of nature and the setting sun at the end of the day, your kids will delight in every magical moment of this musical extravaganza.

The Happy Crowd's world of toe-tapping, sing-along fun and adventure will enchant kids and adults alike over and over again!

P.S. A Great Big "Thank You" to all who participated in our shoot at Adventure City - It was a REALLY hot day, and you all have helped to make this a REALLY hot DVD!  We appreciate you!