The Happy Crowd - Reviews-It's Happy Crowd Time!
It's Happy Crowd Time!

"The Happy Crowd" Reviews

"Wow!!!!!  Your songs are positive, help children understand good character and best of all, respect for our world.  We truly enjoy watching the video (over and over and over) with our children . . . I hope you know what a positive effect you are having on lots of families (not just children)."
 - Lynne, Southern California

"Thank you so much for the Happy Crowd C.D.  It Rocked!!"
- Rosie O'Donnell; The Rosie O'Donnell Show, New York, NY (REALLY!)

"Just wanted you to know that the video is a HUGE success.  Taylor was glued to the TV (as were we).  It was great fun."
- Judith, Pomona, California

"We watched your video this week and we loved it.  We have been singing Happy Socks all week."
- Kristine, Claremont, California

"My little boy, Teddy (7 years old), is a big Happy Crowd fan. He loves to crank up the volume and sing along whenever he hears a Happy Crowd song on the radio. I love them too, because their songs have such a wonderful message for kids."
- Mary Lou; Mom, Pasadena, CA

"Just wanted to tell you that my children loved (really loved) your video.  It was wonderful.  They were so cute.  They sang to their favorite songs."
- Teri, Memphis, Tennessee

"My students have continued singing The Happy Crowd songs for weeks."
- Lou Ann; Kindergarten Teacher, La Puente, CA

"I love The Happy Crowd!"
- Melanie; fan, age 12. Australia


"If you enjoy cleverly written, professionally performed children's music, then, by all means, join the crowd."
- L.A. Parent Magazine

"We listen to the CD every day!  Thank you for doing what you do - as a parent, I can honestly say that you three are great, and I love the songs, too.  You have three dedicated fans here, and we LOVE YOU!"
- Pam; Mom, Southern California

"[The video is] well produced, imaginative and fun!  I think I'm almost a bigger fan than my kids."
- Linda, Southern California

"My 4 year old knows every Happy Crowd song by heart, and my 14 month old only needs to hear the name "The Happy Crowd" and he begins to dance."
- Julie; Mom, Victorville, CA

"Our 3 year old sings along to "Say Something Nice about Someone" and our 15 month old sings "Pop" (bop) to your "Pop" song.  I think our 3 year old is memorizing your video.  They would watch it all day.  Mom loves the whole video, and especially likes your ending song, Trees."
- Sherri, Riverside, California

"We have seen the Happy Crowd in concert 3 times and have always been delighted.  The video is so nice to share with the children because they know all of the songs and get to sing and dance right along with you.  Your songs are positive, help children understand good character and best of all, respect for our world.  Thank you again for sharing your talent with us."
- Lynne; Mom, Southern California